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Hi.  I'm selling my house and have the following two old billiard items.  Was just wondering if you've ever come across them, or have any idea if they could be worth something:

1.  book, Willie Hoppe:  Billiards as it should be played.  1941.

2.  old combination pool table/couch, purchased from the Sears catalog around 1967 (needs refurbishing, new bumpers/felt/etc).



Hey Ken.

As for the book, I own two copies. In good condition it's worth about $35 (though I've come across it at used book stores for far less). In short, not garbage but nothing of great rarity and value; huge numbers were sold (Willie Hoppe was a household name then, and three cushion was still a well known game; sadly not today).

I've never seen a couch like that so I can only be general about it. If it's a decent couch, of course, it has some intrinsic value and the fact that it also converts to a pool table adds to that value, but I suspect it's more of a high end garage sale feature. We are not talking about a table that was ever high end--I'm guessing it's not even slate (or wow that must be heavy)--and it was a Sears item after all. I can't imagine it would ever fetch a large premium. It's a neat item, a curiosity, but not incredibly valuable as a pool table and I doubt it's worth the effort of refurbishment as a money making venture.

Best regards,

Pool Teacher  


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