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Hi Dan,
The referee plays for the home team (team (A)) and they are playing at home. Team (A) player double hits and rocks the white cue ball to pot the black to win the frame. Immediately his opponent from Team (B) puts his hand up and shouted foul and at exactly the same time 4 members from team (B) jumped up and shouted foul, they were sat in a perfect position directly behind the team (A) player. The black dropped into the pocket. The referee declared he did not see the foul and admitted he wasn’t standing in the correct position. Team (A) player immediately leaves the table and shouted, “Give them the game”. The referee ignored that statement. After the referee had a discussion with his team (A) his decision was to play the frame again. Team (A) player says I am not playing again just give the game to them. On the score board the referee drew a line against the two player’s names, a no score. And the referee said if it matters (team B were trailing badly at that time and didn’t look like they could catch up) the game will be played again at the end. To cut a long story short team (B) made a miraculous recovery and the game ended in a 6 – 6 result out of the 13 frames to be played. Team (A) player leaves the premises saying he will not play again. Everybody heard team (A) player shout give them the game. Is this a concession? I realise the referee should be independent but we are supposedly playing a friendly match in a small league. What do you believe should be the result of the game?  The win to team (A) or the win to team (B)? The decision is still pending. I am sure you have never come across anything like this before!!! Thanking you Geoff

Referee should have yielded to what player A stated.  Sounds like he knew it was a double hit and agreed it was a foul so it was a foul.

If he didn't agree that it was a foul and the ref couldn't make the call, then the call goes to the shooter and no foul.



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