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I am rated a 6 in the state of Arizona.  Ihave shot in ACS nationals for the last few years.  I placed 5th this last May.  I have run into a question of debate with 2 others that also run a 7 & under tournament locally.  Filling out and following the brackets is mostly self explanatory.  Where the question lies is in the very end.  When the winner of the losers side is moved over to the winners side it is being debated on the amount of wins and the process at that time. It is a race to 2 on the winners side and 1 on the losers side.  When the winner of the losers side moves over to the winners side it is my belief that the match is now on the winners side so therefor it is a race to 2.  If the loser wins that match then the next game is a race to 1.  I guess to sum it up the question would be when the loser moves to winners bracket what/how should the matches end up going from there on out.  Thank you so much in advance for your help

Hi Laura.

This is well established by convention and practice (and logic).

Simply put, in a double elimination tournament, when the brackets meet, the winner's side has to win only once but the loser's side has to win twice.

Anything else would not make sense. Think about the equities: every player is allowed one loss, or to put it another way, two losses and you're out. So, when the loser's side champion faces the winner's side champion and loses, that's his or her second loss; game over. However, when the winner's side champion loses he or she has had one loss, just like their opponent, so they are now even in losses and must accordingly play again to decide.

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