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I have been playing VNEA in Canada for the past 15 years, with multiple trips to Vegas Nationals.  For the past several years I have switched to using a snooker cue that has a considerably smaller tip than my regular McDermott.  Occasionally an opponent approaches me both in league and in Vegas and says my cue tip is too small and illegal.  I have never seen anything in print from VNEA concerning this issue, so my reply basically is show me where the rules say that.  Please advise.

Hi Andrew,

I have never seen a section of VNEA rules that specifies any particulars of equipment; cues, tips, weights, lights, table height, etc.

Both the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) and the World Pool and Billiard Association (WPA) define maximum tip width (14mm) and maximum cue weight (25 ounces). Both tip width and weight are defined as "no minimum"; so you could have your tip as sharp as a pencil if you wanted.

Wish I could definitively state there is no ruling on this in VNEA; just because I have never found one doesn't mean there isn't one somewhere. But I've never seen it. It's also possible there was once such a rule that no longer exists. (I don't have old copies of VNEA rules to compare.

I think you're solution is best. Simply ask complainers to show you the rule printed in the book. My bet is they cannot. My guess is the people who complain are people you beat with some sweet ball-spin and are just sore losers. Too bad, so sad.

Play well and enjoy!



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