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does ur hand using an extended bridge have to be off the table while shooting.
or can ur hand while holding bridge be on the table

Hi Owen.

In authoritative rules--both the World Standardized Rules and the Official Rules of the Billiard Congress of America--there is no restriction at all on placing your hand on the table when shooting with the mechanical bridge. It sounds like you've come across one of the many silly rules people make up in some local venue.

In fact, you almost always place your hand on the table when using the bridge and I'm not sure I've ever seen an experienced player or professional do anything else. Here's a link to an instructional video by Ewa Mataya Laurance demonstrating proper use of the bridge: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G46OtOtf4VE and as you can see her hand is on the table.

Best of luck,

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