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We play billiards or pool in our workplace, and I'm from the Philippines. We normally play the 8-ball game (doubles), and an issue arose earlier.

My colleague tried to hide the ball from me and my partner. Suddenly, it occurred to me to intentionally hit the ball (stripe) of our opponent as it would pocket our own ball (solid). After all, even if I tried, there was no guarantee that I would do a good shot, much less pocket our last ball.  

Of course, it was obviously an intentional bad shot, and to be fair they had the ball in hand in their turn. My colleague became upset about it because his strategy was ruined. He said it was very unfair and felt that it was unsportsmanlike.

Is there a rule that prohibits intentional bad shots for your benefit when you have no choice? You can even give me reliable online sources if available. My other colleagues did not see anything wrong with it as intentional bad shots in an 8-ball game can also be considered a strategy.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your response.

Best regards,

Hi John.

Perfectly valid strategy, neither unfair nor unjust, and within the rules, i.e., there is no rule that prohibits intentional fouls like this, and the foul has a penalty which the opponent got the benefit of. This is not actually an uncommon strategy (though it comes up far more often in other games, especially in straight pool where it is an integral part of regular play, sometimes called a "back scratch" by players). I have seen this done in professional 8-ball play and serious players with years of experience would be both familiar with it and not bat an eye at its use. (I should note that there are certain very specific types of intentional fouls that are not allowed and might result in a forfeiture, such as intentionally touching the cue ball with something other than your cue). Since you said you were looking for some online sources, you might see

Best of luck,

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