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I was researching what I have known all my life as a Bagatelle Table that my Grandfather built and my parents gave to me. It has been in a state of restoration for years and I am finally getting to finishing it.

In my search I found your answer to another's photo that resembles my table exactly all though it is disassembled at the moment and you called it a Carambolette Table.

I understand all of these games were predecessors to Pinball but would like to get as much info I can on the table I have. (used the other photo because it's exact to mine)

I did order the Mike Shamos' Illustrated Encyclopedia of Billiards you referenced. Anything else I could get or research for history on my game table.

Thank you for your help.

Hey Bill

Yep, it's a carombolette table. There's more detail online than there was when I answered the prior question. Here's another picture with more detail:

Here another:

Since, per above, carombolette is apparently a "combination of pigeon hole and bagatelle", see these in order:

There also a mention here:

As I said in the prior post, the game appears quite obscure given the lack of information everywhere I look. Compare it to Bagatelle for which you can find loads of information.

I took a look in the massive The Billiard Encyclopedia: An Illustrated History of the Sport (Victor Stein and Paul Rubino, 1994) and there's not one mention. I searched patents as well (both U.S and internationally) and nada. Love to find more for you but none of my books have anything more than you saw in my prior post.

You could try contacting the Chicago Billiard Museum:

Also, though I have no idea if they would be receptive or even speak English, you might try the Weingartner Museum of Billiards in Austria:

Best regards,

Pool Teacher


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