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On the Break ( Playing Ball in hand) player strikes cue ball, and hits rack but only knocks 2 or 3 balls barely away from rack due to not hitting hard enough or a error. is this a penalty.

Hi Robert.

From the perspective of authoritative rules, and assuming we are talking about eight-ball you did not specify the game that is an illegal break.

To make a legal break a player must legally pocket a ball or cause at least four object balls to contact one or more cushions.

The penalty for an illegal break (whether a foul occurred or not an illegal break is not in and of itself a foul) is that the opponent may: re-rack the balls and break themselves or require the first person to re-rack the balls and break again.

The game cannot proceed until a legal break occurs by one player or the other. (This is a pretty new rule. The rule before 2012 was that the opponent had the two options above as well as two others: The opponent could accept the table in position, or take ball in hand if a foul also occurred, but these have been removed and now they require a legal break no matter what.)

Note that intentionally executing an illegal break in order to avoid breaking can be penalized as unsportsmanlike conduct if someone is officiating.

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