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If you fail to hit your object ball 3 times in a row, do you lose the game?

Three consecutive fouls, often referred to as the "three foul rule" is common in professional play and in some games is used unless otherwise stated before a tournament begins. In nine ball committing three consecutive fouls is a loss of the game (not the match, just the game being played). In 14.1 straight pool one point is deducted for each foul and an additional 15 points for the third one.

Eight ball does not automatically include a 3 foul rule. However, it could be specified as part of a tournament, league play, or between two players at any given session. It should be clearly stated before play begins. Again, it's not usually used in eight ball.

When the three foul rule is in effect an official (or opponent) must tell the incoming player if they already have two fouls against them. If a player commits three consecutive fouls but was warned about having two fouls already, the third foul does not count and the player remains at "two fouls".

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