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If after pocketing the 8-ball, an opponents ball is also potted on the same shot, is this a legal shot (win), or loss of game?

Hi John,

That would be a win.

As long as the 8 was struck first, goes into the intended pocket, and the cue ball stays on the table it doesn't matter what else falls. Also, it doesn't matter which ball fell first . The same is true during the game if you make your own ball properly and also make one (or more) of your opponent's balls. If your ball falls where you intended it to fall, the shot is good, no matter the order.

Also, in the case of a shot where your opponent's ball is blocking a pocket you can also play to make your object ball into the blocked pocket by having their ball fall first and your's following in after it. Call the ball, call the pocket. Good shot. And that's a real handy shot to know in 8-ball.

Play well and enjoy,



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