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I live in a condominium with a shared pool table in the clubhouse. The table takes some abuse from younger unsupervised players, beginners, and others. I frequently practice there and it is not heavily utilized in terms of total playing time. Each time the management replaces the felt they do so with a cover that literally feels like felt. In a few months the felt is showing significant signs of wear (the soft top layer is unevenly gone, multiple small divots, loose felt allowing the bumpers to sag, etc.). Could you recommend a felt that would be likely to last longer, play reasonably well and not break the bank (moderate to moderate plus in price)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

I would suggest the Invitational Teflon style fabric made by the Championship billiard fabric Mfg. The teflon makes it very stain resistant. It is also very strong nd durable. The loose bumpers are not held in place by the fabric. They need to be re-glued when the fabric is off of them. This fabric should last at least 10 years even with one hour a day play on it. It comes in about 30 colors. You can purchase a piece from me if you like. We stock them all except for pink and yellow. You may contact me at pinpool@sbcglobalnet and I will provide you with a phone nember to contact me. I can also ship it too you.


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