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Hi Stephen,
We have an antique pool table we are trying to identify. It has 1905 stamped on the underbelly of all four sides and has the number M43229 stamped in the wood of all the railings and all three slates that we've found so far.
From our research online it looks like a Brunswick Sultana however they were made in 1912 we believe?
Just wondering if you can help. Attached are pictures & can send more if needed.
Thanks so much!

More pics would help but I can help you somewhat  without those. I don't see as well as I used to and the pics aren't super good quality so I cannot tell if it has it's original veneer intact or not. It is not a Sultana. Your table is more closely related to the Newport or the Saratoga. Pics from the underside of the cabinet will help determine whether or not it even an actual Brunswick Balke Collender (BBC) table or not. The date of 1905 is consistent with the tables design. An image of the date and the area that the date is located could prove helpful as well. It's possible your table has been repaired / altered in the past because it does not have the same trim around the bottom edge of the cabinet or around the legs as a true Neweport or Saratoga has. Close ups of the outside and inside corners of the cabinet will help determine a few things. I would also like to see closeups of the top side (looking down) of the corner and side pocket areas. Also if you can get me a shot of the internal cross bracing, running from side to side and possibly end to end underneath the playing surface. These are usually made of fairly good sized boards. An image or two of the little round or possibly diamond shaped rail sights on the top of the bumper rails. There are 3 per rail except for the end rail that has a name plate in it. A shot of the nameplate is very helpful as well. Many, many times the original nameplates have been replaced. All these things will help me Identify your table. Ass for now I can tell you that it is looking to be a much closer match to the Newport instead of the Sultana. The Sultana has pin-stripping type inlay all the way around the cabinet and legs and I cannot see any of that in your pics. You can check this out for yourself at under their antique pool tables section or here
Here is some more info from that website.

Antique Tables 1845 - 1945

     Saratoga 4 leg model, 1898 to 1911
A magnificent billiard or pool table which finds lasting favor with all. Handsomely figured golden oak and mahogany.
More information   

Saratoga 6 leg model, 1898 to 1911
A high grade table which will find great favor in the best billiard rooms, clubs and hotesl of the country.
More information   

Southern 1890 to 1911
This style is deserved popular for the medium grade of billiard room, especially cigar stores, barber shops, etc.
More information   

Sterling 4 or 6 leg model, 1920 to 1924
One of our new style of billiard tables on which we secured letters patent October 4, 1919, because of originality of construction.
More information   

Streamliner 1939 to 1941
Brunswick proudly presents the new Streamliner with its "modern as tomorrow" beauty.
More information   

St. Bernard Mission 4 leg model, 1906 to 1911
"No billiard room too fine for this table." A recent production in artistic Mission billiard tables.
More information   

St. Bernard Mission 6 leg model, 1906 to 1911
All world's records of high scores eclipsed on this superb table which was used in the memorable All-Star tournament held in Chicago, May 7-12, 1906.
More information   

St. Elmo 1912 to 1915
Essential features of pure Empire styling combined with handsome inlaid woods.
More information   

Sultana 1912 to 1918
Oak or mahogany with boxwood inlay in 8', 9' or 19' sizes.
More information


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