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Hi Stephen,  I am sending another question so i can add a couple more photos. We are hoping to get an estimated value if possible as well.

Well, I wish I could enlighten you more but I have never seen a Brunswick table that has these exact construction methods. There are similarities but nothing that stands out as if to say I am a BBC table for sure. With the pics I have to work with I would say that it is not a Brunswick made table. Seeing an image of the nameplate would probably tell me whether or not the name plate was original to the table or not. The wooden blocks in the corners do not appear to be made in the normal BBC style. They did have many different factories across the United States and then some and I would bet that not every factory did everything exactly the same way but they did have, and were very proud of, their patented table designs and their construction techniques / methods. Maybe somebody else out there can identify this table. It may be a common design in another part of the country. As for my little cross roads here in OKC. this is the first time I have seen this exact table design in the 40+ years I've been in the business. Their are others out there in the antique pool table business that may be able to identify it for you but I don't know of anyone that will do it for free. They usually charge 250.00.


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