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QUESTION: i acquired an old helmstetter que. it is from the vip series. never been chalked and has to shafts. wondering what i could be worth? i cant find anything on the particular cue

ANSWER: I'll need to see pics of it before I can be of assistance. Possibly one of the cue experts will be more knowledgeable of that particular series. It's not in the Blue Book of Pool Cues latest addition. If you are totally unfamiliar with Richard Helmstetter's cues, then you may be interested to know they are a series made by the Adam cue Company but supposedly the cue maker by that name was the one who made that particular line. He was hired very early on to get the Adam Cue Company up and running smoothly from late 1969 and on. He has always had a line bearing his name that were made there in Japan where the Adam cue Co. is but as I understand it he made those himself. He did also make cues before that beginning in 1960. He is most famous for the Big Bertha Driver golf club he invented. Hopefully some of this is helpful to you. If you can send pics of it I can compare the amount of work put into that one as compared to a similiar one in another Helmstetter series and give you an approximate value, however if this is a 0ne of a kind cue then that value would be greatly increased especially if it's an old one.

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Helmstetter cue
Helmstetter cue  
QUESTION: This is one pic

If that cue were new it would probably be around 550.00 - 650.00. I don't really think that it has any huge value just because it's fairly old. When used and in straight very good condition it's worth about half that now. Give it another 10 years or so if it's from the early years then it will begin to gain value. The pic is just not good enough quality for me to tell it's exact condition. There are probably some others out there that can give you a better evaluation. This is the best I can do.


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