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I have an antique pool table that I would like to get appraised, this pool table is over 100 years old and I am currently the owner, this need to be restored, and the pool table is sitting in my moms basement in northern Michigan, is there someone in that area that could give an appraisal?

Hi Joseph

This question and my answer is not really related at all to my pool expertise but just my Google-fu.

Northern Michigan is not a small area and searches need specificity so I used Traverse City as a proxy; you will need to refine your own searches if that is not nearby. Just start calling around and make sure to ask for referrals. Insider, local knowledge is everything -- "Oh, you don't do restoration? Do you know anyone local who does?" All pool rooms need a table mechanic, so call up all the ones in your area and ask. For example, there's a room in Traverse City, Lucky Jacks, (231)-947-2610, luckyjacks.com/billiards. Someone recovers and repairs their tables, right? More generally, see:


Northern Paradise Billiards
(231) 943-4126

Pro Billiards Pool table services
(248) 821-6112

Billiard Table recovery service
(888) 430-POOL (7665)

Michigan Pool Table Repair
(517) 227-4829

Best of luck,

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I have been a dedicated player of pool and 3-cushion Billiards for many years. I have given lessons professionally and have run and participated in too many tournaments to name, including professional events such as the U.S. Open. I am also a cue collector and student of all aspects of the game. Note: I was starting to get far too many questions about pool cue (and pool table) valuation and identification and will no longer take these questions, sorry. I am a player and historian of the sport and the heart of my expertise is not product comparison or appraisal.


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