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Mark Pray wrote at 2013-02-02 20:11:10
Hey Guys and Gals;

         The name of the game is make each shot and put the balls in before your opponet right so with this in mind . Take advantage of your strengths and your weaknesses . What you say. Practice your weaknesses and Keep your head down on your strengths. I have been in APA and just about every other league for over 40 years I am a true SP7 82% win ranking against mainly great to excellent players . I LOVE THIS GAME and I feel awesome on my worst days because I beleive in Practice ,preparation ,nutrition and confidence . I am confident because I play OFFENSE screw defense people that are afraid to lose play defense way too often and the best defense does not get ANY BALLS IN. Do NOT be afraid to WIN run the table keep your opponet an official rack person this breaks their spirit and rattles their cage so they get tight and unsure . So you relax get rest before your matches (sleep) when you wake get your attitude to butt kicking time ( This is a Job) take it seriously and be confident and true spiritually and mentally. You convince yourself NO ONE is better and Keep your head down and shots true your results will speak for themself so DONOT get emotional when you WIN you were lucky ( BE HUMBLE) when You Lose be aware why and practice what you did wrong but ( BE GRACIOUS and a GOOD SPORT) Losing Sucks but with the right attitude and awareness this will be a memory. I actually lose sometimes on purpose not to lower my handicap but a team that throw more inexperienced players to the Wolf (ME) because they don't want the loss to build my opponets confidence and keep players guessing about me . I LOVE THIS GAME . It is a game practice alone sometimes split your personality into 2 and play each other seriously donot poke stroke make what you want to happen come alive . Breathe in the Universe and force it to do what you want . Keep it simple run the table . Let the Pool Gods decide your fate and your opponets If you Love Fun practice allot find free not pay tables . Remember no one is better than you if you prove it to yourself first. Never say die If you are down to you need 5 games and your opponet needs 1 fight . Wash your face get dog mean and serious don't waste your time worrying or what could have been fight to the death you only lose if you quit or make excuses. Stay down make the shots count you will the balls to go in and it will happen for you. I beleive in you and now it's your turn . Obstacles are things you encounter when you lose focus of your goals. Fight never say die . Use your intense attitude to get into your opponets head. Practice allot . Now Get In There put your head down line up your shot breathe easy and beleive with everything that is Holy and make a nice clean shot dead nut center and get that Damn Trophy and Cash and Give it To Your Mother because you have now the tools to get another God Bless -Humble and Awesome -your pal Mark


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I can answer questions related to shot-making, aiming, position play, strategies, practice, mental preparation and the psychology of the game. Also, rules as they vary from venue to venue and how to become a winning player. I have experience recovering and maintaining tables and will also answer questions related to cues and billiard equipment. However, I prefer not to make brand recommendations. I do not offer information identifying old tables and equipment or estimating their values.


I have played over forty years in every state in the US (except Alaska). My experience is largely in pool rooms but I have also played extensively on bar tables and in league organizations. I have directed numerous tournaments up to the professional level and have played several world champion players. I am a former Billiard Congress of America instructor.


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