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J00012 wrote at 2016-03-15 03:29:44
I wonder if you ever got an answer on you table?  I have been doing research on my own on a "national billiard mfg" table I own.  The bed and rails are all marked with 18472 and I don't know if that's a model # or serial number.  The previous owner thought it was manufactured in 1934, but he mentioned that was what he was told by the previous owner to him.  I was able to find a pamphlet from the company for the year 1934 that seems to look a lot like my table. If so it would be the "The Broadway" model, which features walnut rails and the brass name plate which states "behind the eight ball since 1880", and the old style legs that resemble bell bottom pants.  However, my table came with brass fittings that go on the corners and has areas on the legs that indicate their was possibly brass lines on each leg.  I found a similar model called "The Steamliner" from the 50's.  I would sure like to find out more about the company and specifically my table if possible.  


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