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Adi wrote at 2009-06-16 16:32:35
Playing under pressure was one of the biggest pieces of my game. I wrote an article on the topic a while back about why "stress" is a good thing.

Hope this helps

Steven wrote at 2012-12-18 13:37:54
Hey my name is Steven I play pool too, I am going to be 18 in 9 days. I have been playing since i was 12 around this time of year. I got the same problem. But I also got a Reputation. See when i was 12 after starting then playing for a few months. I beat Danny Basavich at Drexeline Billiards. I started to believe myself. I understand what you are saying. But for me its the complete opposite. I always think about winning. I know im gonna win sometimes. But most of the time its I SHOULD WIN! That is not good, because than you sabotage yourself. I mean I ran out on Corey Deuel Twice this year on the same day. I can say that. Dont believe me ask him about the kid at drexeline who ran out on him. He will tell you. As a matter of fact, apparently hes been talking about that. I Rise up to the level of the player. HOWEVER! When I play someone that sucks so to speak. I sink down to there level. I adapt to all players. That is so unfortunate considering how good i am and can become. In 2009 I qualified for the Junior nationals at Drexeline was losing 7-2 came back and won 8-7. I got 1st place regional 2009 and 2010.I have played the best of the best. (Josh Brothers, Bob Maidhof, Corey Deuel, Allen Hopkins, Megan Smith, Pamela Cimarelli Danny Basavich, Sharon O'hanlon etc.)The list goes on and on. Point is I play better the better player. Now when i went to the Nationals in 2009 I took 7th out of around 47 kids. Point is if i master this mental game. Which i dont believe anybody can MASTER IT! But if i do. I will be unstoppable. My reputation at Drexeline Billiards makes me choke on a shot, because if i play a NOBODY! and i lose. its embarrasing. Stick to pool. Is my advice. You can become something great. I will see you at the U.S Open hopefully. CyA Aro0oo0und


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