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 Why did the meteor that exploded in the atmosphere over russia last week not create an EMP?
Thank YOu

Hi Jill,
How do we know it didn't, for about one billionth billionth of a second?
Besides, EMP's are a relatively new idea, whereas meteors are billions of years old, so they don't know as yet that they are supposed to produce EMP's.  (Just joking with you, of course).
From my meager understanding of EMP's, they are allegedly produced from the high temperature, high energy, high mass... of a large nuclear explosion nearby, by disturbing the Earth's weak magnetic field and surrounding electrical field currents.
This very small 10 meter airburst some 20-30 miles high obviously did not have the high temperature, the high energy, nor the high mass required for such an EMP disturbance. As evidence, the shock wave striking the ground only produced minor damage... broken window glass, a few weak walls of buildings, etc. with nobody dead, and in fact no one hurt from the meteorite itself. (All injuries from my understanding actually came from the falling glass and building material!)

So technically, compared to say, a 100 megaton nuclear weapon, this was a peanut event.  10 meter (33 feet)) objects come in about once every couple of years, but most are over open oceans or remote land masses, so usually go undetected and unseen. (Except for our classified
infrared detection military satellites in orbit).
So this event will eventually become a small footnote in the overall total historical record of meteorite events of the past 50,000 years.
Clear Skies,
Tom Whiting
Erie, PA USA  

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