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Sorry this might not be part of your expertise but can you tell me as much as you know about:

-How our bodies react when we like or dislike food by its smell

-How our bodies react when we like or dislike food by how it looks

Please put it in scientific terms!

Please don't ask me anything about the question, please just give me the answer or as much as you know"

Hi Neon,
Yes, you are correct; this is not part of my expertise. However, since you are asking for a personal opinion, I will give you a general answer from my readings.
It may not be as scientific as you like, but it's my opinion that our bodies require certain vitamins, minerals, nourishment, and certain trace amounts of several elements like selenium,
potassium, zinc, copper, magnesium, etc etc.
And I think our bodies know this subconsciously without our thinking, and depending on your bodies' needs, it will MAKE your food "desireable" by ANY means, even if normally you would consider the food non-palatable under regular circumstances.  Because it wants (and needs) those trace elements to survive.  I remember reading that people out on a raft for days lost in the ocean, would catch fish and eat not just the meat, but the brains, heads, and eyes too... parts that you would normally discard... but due to their bodies need for trace elements, the undesireable fish parts temporarily became... delicious to them. (To get those trace elements in their body).
So, in conclusion, I think our bodies "desire" for certain foods, be it by looks or smell... is pretty much on "automatic" IF we just let it work that way. I work that way... I let my body tell me what I want to eat... and my weight hasn't changed + or - 10 pounds in the last 40 years, nor have I been sick during that time frame.
For what its worth,
Tom Whiting
Erie, PA USA  

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