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Porsche Repair/944T Headlight Issue


David R Smith wrote at 2014-07-10 04:28:28
There are two problems with this 944.  First is a bad headlight motor relay.  It is under the formed rubber cover that protects the concealed headlight motor. Replace this relay ( Second is the headlight dimmer switch which is located on the steering wheel. This switch is part of the multi-function module (dimmer, wiper, washer, cruise control, turn signals).  If you are patient you may be able to repair the switch, as the contacts will invariably be damaged since the full headlight current passes through this switch.  Many owners are fixing/replacing the switch module ($230) and then adding headlight relays (Bosch 0332019150) for both low and high beams (2 relays total).  You wire the relays into the battery side of the headlight fuses, so the fuses still protect the lamp circuits. With the new relays, the steering column module then only carries a tiny current to operate the relay(s) solenoid. The bulk of the headlamp current then flows from the battery to the relay contact to the fuse then to (both of) the L & R Low Beam Lamps and the other relay provides current similarly through fuses to (both of) the L & R High Beam Lamps. The steering column switch module will now last much longer than most of us will!

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