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Marc Sabol wrote at 2013-04-12 15:46:45
Although this post is old, it is still worthwhile answering it.  That vibration is a characteristic of all 944 engines.  The S2's have a particularly strong vibration.  It has a dual balance shaft setup already to tone down the vibration, but that is all it does is tone it down a little.  I actually run my S2 without the balance shaft belt because I hate the noise from the balance shaft pulleys and I like the extra 1 or 2 horsepower it gives me.  The vibration at 3200 in my car will make your hand numb if you hold it there.

Balance shafts - if they are not timed right, they make it worse.  I believe that the counterweight would punch a hole in the side of the engine if it broke, but I suppose theoretically a damaged or missing weight could make it worse too.  If they are timed right then you can play with that timing a tooth or 2 in either direction to find what is the best spot for yours.  I am going to try a fluid filled harmonic balancer to see if that helps if I can find one.

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