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Porsche Repair/dead battery '97 boxter


thboo883 wrote at 2013-03-28 22:02:17
Unfortunately, what your friend says is true. As an owner of the 1st year of Boxster (1997). The fools did design that car that way. The decklid and trunk are locked and cannot be opened easily unless there is power. Jumping the fuse box is easier than the alternative which involves removing wheel welds and trying to fish for the lines to pull on to try to open the decklid or trunk. Potential of three separate locations as to where these lines are. Totally ridiculous! You must attach the positive to a wire that you place in the 3rd fuse socket on Row C and make sure you ground your power source otherwise fried fuse box and then you really have problems. Then you have to turn the door key to actuate the current flow from lock to unlock position. When you hear the click, then you can pull the lever to open either the decklid or trunk. Later models had a red jumper bar that would literally flip out of the fuse box so you could easily attach the positive cable from a jump box. Insane but true. Matter of fact I actually have to go do that right now since the car has been sitting in the garage.  

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