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Hello sir and thanks for considering my question.  I'm an expert in another area.  I will be visiting Portugal on April 4 through 11.  I will be part of a Catholic tour group (Lisbon is on the itinerary) heading, ultimately, to Fatima.  I am wondering about the climate at that time of year because I would like to keep my packing to a minimum.  Would one fleece jacket with a lined raincoat and a few short and long sleeved shirts, along with a change of pants, be sufficient?  I appreciate any guidance.

Hi Jill!
At thart time of the year the temperature will be mild (day time from 12/15 to 18/24 Centigrade), but it can rain a lot. I agree with your cloth's list but probabably na extra pair of shoes is advidable or you risk to wear wet shoes from one day to another.
Have a nice stay here. Allow me a few suggestions:
The good thing about Lisbon is that while it is a beautiful, fascinating city, it is quite compact so it's possible to get a feel for it and see most of the top sites in only a few days. Lisbon is the city of seven hills! Most of the nice things to see will force you to go up and down the hills. There's some information about Lisbon on this site Lisbon has lots of historical and cultural things to see but it is also a great city for just sitting outside a cafe and people watching. Please remember that Lisbon (and Portugal as a whole) is very devoted to sea, sun and food. And it is of course a VERY old town.
Use Metro (underground), clean, easy to use. Of course, as always take care of your pocket/luggage (mainly during rush hours (8 to 10 AM and 17 to 20 PM). Try not to show you are a tourist visitor…
Go to the Castle of St. Jorge - as not only is the castle quite interesting but you get to walk up (from the centre) little winding cobbled streets where artists work and from the castle you get a great birds eye view of the old city and river estuary. If you still have time also visit downtown commercial streets and squares (just below the Castle hill). Visit Parque das Nações (Metro ORIENTE), Vasco da Gama mall and the new big bridge. Go to the Bairro Alto district (up the hill right from the centre – facing downtown) is probably the most interesting and coolest place to go out at night with lots of little bars and restaurants. Go to the Belem Area, have a nice meal at Docas (docks) close to the river and the big bridge (the old one). Try Belém cakes (like a custard tart). You will locate the place because of the crowd…
While you're in Lisbon you should eat fish (mainly grilled) and bacalhau (codfish 1000 recipes).
Good luck and good stay!


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