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I'm arriving in Lisbon Airport at approx 5;50 p.m. on April 19th and need to catch a train to Porto to meet my Lady.
How far is it from the Airport to the Train Station and could I get a Train that evening?

Absolutely no problem!

The rail timetable for April may change but probably with more frequencies.

If you are arriving from the States, you should allow at least 90 minutes to clear customs and immigration.

Depending on the amount of baggage you have, you can either:

1) Get the Metro from the Airport three stops to Gare Oriente Rail and Bus Station


2) Get a taxi to Gare Oriente Rail and Bus Station

Allow up to 20 minutes for this transit.

At present, there are two trains on the schedule that meet your needs and allow plenty of time for ticketing:

1) Alfa Pendular

Dept: Lisbon Gare Oriente: 20h09
Arr:  Porto Campanha:      22h52

Transit time: 2h43

2) Intercidades

Dept: Lisbon Gare Oriente: 21h39
Arr:  Porto Campanha:      00h39

Transit time: 0h39

You cannot book yet for these services but you should be able to as from the end of this week. You must have a reserved seat and ticket.

If you go to www.cp.pt and select the English language version and then the "netticket" option you should be able to book prior to arrival. Be aware though that trains may be busy as it is the Easter period. Input the term "Oriente" to select Oriente station. You will need a recognised credit card to pay.

In the event you cannot get this train, www.renex.pt operate long distance coaches from Gare Oriente to Porto Campo dos Martires at 21:15 and 00:30. Transit time is three hours. Tickets are not available on-line but can be bought from the Renex ticket office at Gare Oriente prior to departure.  


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