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Hi there

I am looking to travel portugal end of july. I may be arriving Faro on 22nd July 9.00 pm at the airport and though to have a day in faro on 23rd. Hence how would be the best/cheapest to get to Lisbon from Faro later in the evening when I am done with Faro (is one day in Faro enough?)

also can you provide me the website to look for train and bus time/ticket/price that the local uses so that I can plan my trip there ?
Looking forward to your reply. Thank you.

Hi Zhi,

Faro is the district administrative capital of the Algarve Region of Portugal and while there is a very small lovely old centre it will only take about a couple of hours to view the town.

As regards travelling to Lisbon, there are 2 main ways by public transport between Faro and Lisbon.


Train Timetable can be found here:



Rede Expressos - Click on UK flag for English



(Timetable only in Portuguese) - Lisbon = Lisboa

Bus is usually cheaper by a few Euros but train can be more comfortable.

If you are staying in Lisbon, I recommend you get a ticket to Lisboa - Entrecampos Station.

There are five daily trains between the two centres but several more buses.

If you cannot get the last train at 17h56, you will have to take the bus.  


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