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My Portuguese teacher claims that "porquê" and "porque" have a different pronunciation. You should pronounce the accent in the first case, not in the second (in "porque" the end should be pronounced a bit like in "pork" and the final "e" be muted). I have asked around. My wife is brazilian and claims that at least in Brazil, you hear no difference, and that she has also never heard Portuguese people pronounce differently, in spite of the difference in writing.

What do the experts say ?

Hello! There is a difference in pronunciation, yes. We pronounce the final "ê" in "porquê" a little heavier (kind of like "poorkay") because it is a question word. We ask "porquê?" and answer "porque". The final "e" in "porque" is slightly mute, so it kind of comes out as "poork". I know that in Brazil the difference is virtually imperceptible to the untrained ear, but in Portugal we do pronounce the two words very differently! I hope this clears your doubts!

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