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Being borned in Goa(Antigo estado de Portugal) and educated in English medium, can't speak Portuguese very fluently. I'm really ashamed when I go to Portugal to meet my cousins in Portugal so much that I can say they speak English better than me. Are they any chances? I live in West London. I can read and write quite well but cant speak very fluently. Obrigado.

Dear António,

There is really nothing to be ashamed of if you can't speak Portuguese fluently. It's actually quite normal that people and when you don't speak a certain language on a daily basis you tend to lose fluency. My mother's best friend is from Goa, and her son and I are like brother and sister, but still, when they first came to Portugal, some twenty years ago, they too spoke English and little more.

Now, about how you could improve your speaking skills. Since you said you could read and write well, I suggest that you buy a couple of books in Portuguese and read your favourite passages out loud. I don't know if you're still at school or if you work, but how about you try to find someone who has family in Portugal? Maybe they're going through the exact same problem as you.
What we can also try is this; how about you give me your email address, and every now and then I send you some texts or poems for you to analyze and read out loud, and you then email me your analysis for correction?

Think about this, and let me know if you liked any of these suggestions.


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