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Do you think that faithfully attending religious services, and committing your life to God can/will aid to lessen the symptoms of PTSD?

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Hi Nancy,

     The short answer to your question ["Do you think that faithfully attending religious services, and committing your life to God can/will aid to lessen the symptoms of PTSD?"]  is possibly.  You would be the best judge in your case. Do you attend services regularly? Have you made a commitment to God? If so, have your [I'm assuming you are the one with PTSD] symptoms lessened in intensity? If you have not as yet done the above, try it and see what happens. My suspicion is that if attending religious services and devotion to God work to make PTSD more bearable, the effect will be temporary. I will suggest an alternative approach to dealing with PTSD.

     While attending religious services regularly and committing your life to God, find yourself a good doctor/therapist who specializes in treating people who suffer from PTSD.[I'm assuming you are not in therapy] In addition, find a PTSD group that meets regularly and focuses on dealing with the problems caused by the symptoms of PTSD. During religious services you can pray to God for the strength to deal  with the very frightening work of confronting PTSD.  

     Whenever I've asked God to help me with my PTSD related symptoms, he does not take the symptoms away. He does however show me why they are present, in essence showing me what I have to work through to alleviate my suffering. There is no easy way out. God did not create my pathology, but he helps me to do what is necessary to get though it.

     That's the best I can offer you, based on the limited information I have. By combining the spiritual [religious services and commitment to God] with the emotional [therapy: individual and group] you stand a much better chance of reducing the symptoms of PTSD.  

     If you would like to provide more information as to how you or someone else is dealing with PTSD and would like other suggestions, I'd be happy to listen and help out.



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I can offer individuals who suffer from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD, the understanding that is often sorely lacking in this area of mental health, and I can answer many of the questions that are specific to this disease. In addition, I can address many of the questions that individuals who have lived, or who are now living in an alcoholic household need answered, to help them address the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll this illness exacts, not only on the alcoholic, but those who live with the alcoholic as well. I can not address questions concerning the prescription of medications or the diagnosis of disease.


I am a former Marine who served one tour of duty in Vietnam. I was diagnosed with PTSD in 1980, and have been in several in-patient programs, clinical veteran groups, and one-on-one counseling for approxmately twenty years. I was raised in an alcoholic household, and I have been a member of Adult Children of Alcoholics (ACOA) for sixteen years. Over the years, I have acquired a wealth of experience that I believe can be beneficial in helping others to examine their own issues. I am also a writer, and I have used writing as a means of examining my own life, and as a tool for working through personal issues.

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