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Where would I go on-line to learn about techniques to use with my therapist to overcome my PTSD? Mine is rooted in peer abuse as a kid and while I don't re-live the abuse all these years later (I am 33) my counselor has revealed that much of my anxiety is social fears that are from school aged traumas. 75% of my anxiety is fear of rejection or criticism with the other 25% being Obsessive-Compulsive stuff.

Michael,  a LOT of people's traumas come from their school years... peer pressure, peer criticism, etc.

EFT resources are everywhere!


I think you will have great results with EFT when used correctly. Fast, easy and permanent changes happen with just a little bit of "tapping"!

Wm Silver

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We will answer general non-diagnostic questions related to the use of EFT healing techniques in healing cases of PTSD (PTSS) and other anxiety-driven behaviors.


I have been a practitioner of this work for over 20 years, specializing in anxiety, phobias and PTSD cases. This work is also available on the web for self-help and is found to be highly effective in over 80% of all cases.

20+ Years of EFT practice, attended EFT seminars with Gary Craig.

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