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I am male 46 years old with severe health anxiety since 12 years. Since childhood I have been a worrier, very sensitive & fearful. I struggle with unemployment after marriage & HIV fear for 2 years. Since last 12 years I have obsessing about heart related fear, heart attack, heart disease, arrhythmia, angina etc. Time to time I was being occupied & living with fear that, something happened to my heart. I have Mitral valve Prolapse with Trivial MR, which was diagnosed 5 years back. I am been googling that, anxiety chest pain/chest tightness or palpitation are harmless to be relaxed from anxiety & mvp & came across many unwanted  heart related symtoms, which made me very obsessed & fearful. I was trying to get assurance on one symptoms, another symptoms I will pickup from the internet, like this cycle continuing, While browsing the anxiety I came across a word Variant Angina(which is without blockage, your arteries will go to temporary spasm/stop blood) I somehow manage to overcome this fear after lot of efforts but, one setback came, that, the way to diagnose is to hyperventilate the patient & do EKg. Since then i got more feared. Now i am fearing if i hyperventilate i will get coronary artery spasm & will dies. I know that it is wrong, but i started obsessing about the word hyperventilation. If it is like that, all anxious people who hyperventilate will get coronary artery spasm & die. I am trap in to fear. plz help me to come out of the vicious cycle of fear. I will be grateful to you all my life. I have two kids & wife. I don't have any help from anyone. I was coping with the anxiety symtoms (chest pain/palpitation/chest tightness/dizziness/lightheadedness/jelly leg etc), by reading Dr. Claire weekes book, that, anxiety will not kill you. Now I came to where I was in the beginning. I started to worry about all anxiety symptoms & fearing that it will cause coronary artery spasm/heart attack. I know anxiety causes hyperventilation, i am misinterpreting all this symptoms. I am coping with the fear of coronary artery spasm that, it is similar to heart attack & chest pain should be severe for more than 5mintues & mostly are young females, but whenever I think of word hyperventilation or whenever I feel anxious, suddenly it comes to my mind. plz help me to come out of this fear. God bless you."


Chronic fear/anxiety can do as much damage to your mind-body as any actual biological defects or injuries, so we have to shut off the mind-chatter right away. Obsessive compulsive thoughts wring out the adrenal glands, pumping chemicals around in your body unnecessarily sending associated organs into varying states of alert in the fight or flight mode.  

Most anxiety stems from some kind of childhood incident or parental patterning. Since this started at age 12, I have to ask what happened at that age that may have triggered your symptoms? This age is also associated with the onset of puberty, which causes chemical changes in your body, too. Without knowing your history, it is hard to separate the truth from illusion in your mind.

The most effective method of quelling the mental demons associated with unresolved trauma is the energy work known as EFT (emotional freedom technique) or "tapping" on the acupressure meridian points in a specific way. We call it "emotional acupuncture," but without the needles.

There are MANY sites out there with EFT-based information and assistance. Once you learn the simple routine, you can be coached by a practitioner in person or over the phone.  free videos.   Local resource for you.

or the home sites:

A couple of concentrated sessions, in conjunction with your own willingness to use this valuable tool on a daily basis will, no doubt, yield major results in the way you are processing information and experiencing your life, moment to moment.

Best wishes for a calmer and healthier future,

William Silver  

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We will answer general non-diagnostic questions related to the use of EFT healing techniques in healing cases of PTSD (PTSS) and other anxiety-driven behaviors.


I have been a practitioner of this work for over 20 years, specializing in anxiety, phobias and PTSD cases. This work is also available on the web for self-help and is found to be highly effective in over 80% of all cases.

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