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Hello, I hope you're doing well. I have a desperate question regarding ptsd for sexual assault/rape and what your thoughts of exposure therapy is to help with the ptsd. I've tried cbt, talk therapy , emdr, etc and nothing has ever worked but i recently heard of exposure therapy. I do not have the support to ask friends or family about this so I thought I would seek someone professional out. I'm 36 and was raped at 17 and again at 30 by a bar back at a bar. I have to move on from this and I have no idea how. I'm willing to do anything. Any thoughts? Thank you so much!!

Jennifer, I am saddened to hear about your sexual assaults over the past 20 years. Those kinds of traumas don't go away on their own, as you have discovered. You didn't mention EFT on your list of "tried" therapies and I have found that it works really well in almost all cases of trauma.

With EFT you don't have to "relive" the events for more than a moment, as the meridian system activation seems to take the sting out of it all rather rapidly. EFT doesn't erase the memory but you don't care about it anymore and it is no longer a pivot point in your life.

You can certainly download the EFT process at many sites and try it out for yourself. If nothing else, you can use it as a prep before working with an EFT practitioner. I have done this work over the phone and on SKYPE for many years and it is just as effective as doing it in person. Personally, I love to work with a client first-hand, face-to-face, but when great distances are an issue, then we do phone or SKYPE sessions instead. I offer it with a no-results/no charge guarantee, as do many EFT practitioners (but not all). Even horrible memories like yours seem to neutralize quickly and then you can return to who you were meant to be going forward.

Check out for some previews on how to use this effective process.

Best wishes,

William Silver

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