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Postpartum Depression/can ppd occur after 9 months of delivery


My baby is 9 months old.I have joined my work when he is 4 months old. I come home in the evening. take care of the baby. My husband is very busy. He tries to give us time. Recently I am feeling that I do not feel to do any work. When I wake up in the morning I feel terrible that I have to do the whole lot of work.My husband prepares our food almost everyday. I take care of the baby, his bathing, his food etc. I would say it is almost an equal sharing. Still I do not feel to do anything. I usually keep the house clean. Now it has become a hell.  When I return home I feel like to lay down only and feel suffocating to stay in the house with a baby for long hours. I always feel that something is hampering my free thinking but not able to recognise it. feel very suffocated. What problem it is?

You maybe over whelmed, sounds like you are a very busy lady. I recently became a stay at home mom again and I feel like I had a lot more freedom, adult time when I was working. I get very bored and yet I have so much to do. However, the suffocating strikes me as a little more than just over whelmed. You might should talk to your doctor about this. I don't believe it is PPD, but may be a case of some other kind of depression. It could possibly be anxiety as well, anxiety makes you feel like that which can be brought on by depression.  

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I can answer questions about symptoms, what you should do if you think you have Postpartum depression, and I can give you, references to websites to help you better understand it. I cannot diagnose you, I am not a doctor.


I am a survivor of Postpartum depression, I was diagnosed with Postpartum depression, when my son was only two weeks old. I was told that the Postpartum depression I had was one of the worst cases. I was on Antidepressants, that saved me.

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