Postpartum Depression/dizziness


Beverly wrote at 2008-03-18 04:20:58
to the lady that asked the question about dizziness:

i have been experiencing the exact same thing that you are describing and have been unable to get answers.  please, if you have gotten any answers or it has gone away, please respond back here.  i will check back to see if you've responded.  i've looked everywhere on the web to find someone with similar symptoms and so far you're the only person i've found.

Lynsay1510 wrote at 2014-09-07 14:45:36
Did your dizziness disappear Melissa? I'm now dealing with this I have done since my little one was around 2 months he is now 7 months, doctors have no idea so I just need to know that this does go eventually?  

Postpartum Depression

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I can answer questions about symptoms, what you should do if you think you have Postpartum depression, and I can give you, references to websites to help you better understand it. I cannot diagnose you, I am not a doctor.


I am a survivor of Postpartum depression, I was diagnosed with Postpartum depression, when my son was only two weeks old. I was told that the Postpartum depression I had was one of the worst cases. I was on Antidepressants, that saved me.

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