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Pot Bellied Pigs/Scary skin problem in PB


Sue wrote at 2013-03-06 22:32:00
Dynamite feed products have been a savior for my pets and the distributers are very wise about animal nutrition and body balancing you may consider getting in touch with their CEO

Pot Bellied Pigs

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Behavior, health, aggression issues our specialty , litterbox or house training problems, finding a healthy baby pigs to buy, finding a book on potbellies, Aggression and biting, overweight problems, medical problems, history of the breed, hoof and tusk trimming, parasite control, zoning, proper diet, veterinarians in your area, socializing babies, proper housing, training tricks and obedience, proper behavior, birthing, training tricks.


We are professional trainers/breeders and have had house pigs for over a decade, we also wrote "Potbellied Pig Training and Behavior" book. We do most of our vetting and specialize in consultation. We are Valentines Performing Pigs. Former Board of Directors of NCOPP (2 terms)Publications we have written for include PPRSI , Potbellied Pig Journal, NAPPA, NCOPP, SCAMPP, National Geographic, Exotic Animal Magazine. Education/Credentials include a BA in English and Psychology at Central WA University Awards and Honors, World Pig Trick Champion (NCOPP) World Pig Obedience Champion (NCOPP) 4 Permanent Potbellied Pig Champions (NAPPA and NCOPP)

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