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Suzy Q wrote at 2013-03-05 21:44:30
Yes, Royal Dandies do get along very well with dogs and other animals, however, my  my one and a half year old ,$6,000 Royal Dandie now weighs 50lb .  As they are not fully mature until 3+years old, my Veterinarian has projected that her weight will be 100+ lbs.   I have contacted several other Royal Dandie owners who have had the same experience.  Patty offered to refund $500.00 , but only if we sent our pigs back to her.  My family has become attached to this pig, and at the size that she is, shipping would be expensive and inhumane.  Be aware that Patty has protected her legal liability by changing her website , which now says that there are occasional "throwbacks ..."    I am so disappointed and angry that I paid $6,000 for what will soon be a standard Potbellied Pig.   $6,000 is a lot of money , and to have Patty treat  her customers like this is inexcusable.

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I have bred Royal Dandie Miniature Pigs for over 20 years. I can answer any questions about care, feeding, training, personalities, differences from other Miniature pet pigs, how to litter box train, leash training, bathing, What supplements they need, how to house them.


I am the only breeder in the world. I created this breed of miniature pig over the last 21 years. I have been answering questions everyday for 21 years.

Founded the Crabbet Arabian Assoc of Oregon, Had my USDA license, Experience with feeding formulas, product development, 21 years of studies in pig genetics.

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