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Vet wrote at 2015-09-07 20:00:42
You need to give the poor pig to a good home. You are obviously not ready or willing to properly care for a pig. You are treating her like a fashion accessory and abusing her. No wonder she doesn't like you. Put the poor animal first. Stop being so selfish and only thinking about yourself. People like you are what is wrong with this world! Punishing an innocent animal for completely natural behavior. Grow up! You should never be allowed to have a pet or reproduce.

Pot Bellied Pigs

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Helen Morrison


Pot-bellied or other miniature pet pig care, including diet, housing, training, health care. Can provide information about zoning, adoption, supplies, and organizations. Questions about any kind of pet swine are welcome!


Owning, raising, and caring for small pet swine, including "Vietnamese" pot-bellied pigs since 1992.

Pigs of Great Fortune; FAREC; PigCollaborative

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