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my 2 year old pot belly pig is a special needs pig he has had an operation to fix a hernia but theres it always something wrong with him. hes constantly having diarrhea was just wondering is there anything to help his bad tummy? like rice ?????x

I am not a veterinarian and can not make a medical diagnosis or provide medical treatment over the internet.

Diarrhea has a lot of different causes, from stress to disease to physical blockage. Ordinarily, I would recommend a few days of active probiotic yogurt, to help stabilize the bacteria in the gut.

But there are two big danger signs here. First is that your pig is special needs and second is that he recently had abdominal surgery. One potential side effect from any abdominal surgery is bowel adhesions, which can cause a total intestinal blockage.

It may seem strange that diarrhea is a sign of blockage, but that's what happens when only liquid waste can get through.

Another potential surgical side effect is a bacterial infection. To fix this, the vet will want to do a culture to see what kind of infection is causing the problem, then choose the proper medicine.

There's a list of veterinarians that see pot-bellied pigs at Also, your vet may want to consult the Duchess Fund Medical Data Base at

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