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I recently moved 2 year old BeeBo from New Mexico to Washington where there is so much more humidity and rain.  He seemed to get an eye infection that is in the corners of the eyes forming heavy "scabs".  I have acquired some optical solution that is suppose to heal and help the regrowth of the hair.  BeeBo sleeps in the bed with an English bulldog and myself.  A couple of nights ago, he had a fit in the middle of the night squealing etc.  (he's never done that before).  In the morning he had a hard time with putting weight on his right front foot.  He would shift the weight to the rear and stick his front feet out to get low enough to eat etc.  He will allow me to touch all areas, rub him, move his legs and the typical treatment I give him.  Due the fact that the property is not fenced, when he and the bulldog go "potty" they are in a 6 x 6 kennel with a top so no cougars, coyotes etc. can get to them.  I have gone to shavings so there is no mud for them to be in, covered the top with a tarp to keep the rain out etc.  Have you any suggestions about either of these issues?  I had another pot belly for 22 years before he had to be put down.  I do not over feed or do anything that I can imagine creating issues.  It is possible that the dog jumped up on the bed on him during the night and I didn't know or something along that line.  No other injury is known.

Pigs can develop allergies. It's possible the move to a new climate triggered an allergy.

Another possibility is entropion, or turned in eyelashes. Obesity is a common cause, but it can also be caused by genetics even in very slim pigs.

It might also be an infection, caused by a bacteria or fungus.

I am not a veterinarian and can not provide a diagnosis or medical treatment over the internet. If BeeBo will let you, wipe his eyes clean and take a good look at them, using a magnifying glass if necessary, and see if anything looks amiss. If the problem is allergies, a course of Benadryl may clear it up. If the cause is an infection, BeeBo will need to see a vet for proper medicine.

Pigs are rather "stiff" animals, not bendy like dogs. It's easy for them to twist and sprain their legs and backs. Baby aspirin will temporarily ease some of the pain and inflammation. But if it doesn't go away quickly he will need to see a vet to rule out fractures.

The usual rule for treating injuries is RICE, Rest Ice Compression Elevation. Probably not possibly to elevate an injured leg on a pig. But you can encourage rest and try icing the sore leg or wrapping it.

There's a list of veterinarians that see pot-bellied pigs at

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