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QUESTION: Hello,  Our male 16 mos old, Charley, has turned into a hell boy lately.  We rescued him 6 mos ago from a neglectful, abusive home.  He was under weight and sick.  He has bonded with us very well, but has become a very needy boy.  He screams constantly when left alone.  He lives in our basement with my 2 sons and comes upstairs once a day for a few hours.  He goes outside to graze for an hour or so everyday.  I am not sure if he is screaming to come upstairs or because I left.  The boys are still down there, but he screams at the gate anyway! I leave him at 8pm for the night and he is just fine... Only during the day does he do this!  We have 2 large dogs that he is separated from and cannot be upstairs with me all day. I am afraid that he will become too stressed?!  How should I handle this??  Also, the weather has turned colder here in Michigan and I am concerned about him getting sick going from the warm house to the cold outside?!  He does have winter piggy cape!  For the past week he has had a stuffy/runny nose, teeth grinding/licking everything and very cranky... head swiping, trying to bite.  He also has thrown up once a day for no apparent reason?! No fever, potting and eating is normal. He has a vet appt next week (tuesday).  I am also very concerned that he has gained/grown quite a bit since getting him.  He has doubled in size... height/length/weight.  He gets 1 cup pig chow, along with 1 cup fresh veggies and small treats (popcorn, cheerios) split into 4 meals...He grazes on grass as well, but not as much since the weather has gotten colder. Is this too much?  He weighs about 60 lbs.  I am sorry for so many questions!!  He just seems "off" his normal self... TY for any insight you can provide!!

ANSWER: Hello,
You boy is cutting teeth.  These are all symptoms.
He will go through this several time in his younger years as pigs get several sets of teeth.
As far as his weight gain...he is at the age where they will sometimes take a growing streak!  I will advise you that letting him graze on grass will encourage weight gain and growth as it can be very high in protein (30% to 40%)depending on what kind of grass and the time of year. these little pigs need to stay in the 12% to 14% range.  Grass can also have growth hormone in it depending on what it was fertilized with.  this is why we feed it to cows to gain weight weight and make more milk.
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Hope this helps,

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QUESTION: Is it safe to give him an 81mg baby aspirin with food to help ease the discomfort? Or some other method?  TY for the advise on grazing... I will certainly take that to heart! What can I do in regard to the screaming bouts when I leave him?  It breaks my heart and is very nerve racking to hear and see him so stressed?!!  How long/much is too long/much??  Should I confine him in a smaller area??  Right now he stands at the gate and screams until I came down and sit with him...regardless of my sons being right across the room!!??  Any suggestions???  I know he is spoiled!!  Just not sure how to correct the problem because he gets so stressed!!!

ANSWER: can give him a baby aspirin a few times a day.
could the squealing also be because he is in pain from cutting his teeth?
When did it start?

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QUESTION: That pretty much started from the moment we brought him home.  He was very neglected and we spoiled him from the get-go!!  It has progressively gotten worse... to the point that we never leave him alone!!  It has certainly gotten worse since he hasn't been feeling well!!  I know it it our fault... feel like Dr. Frakenstein at the moment!!!  Some suggestion as how to proceed properly for him to adjust to being without me or alone for short periods of time would be helpful!!  Like I said, he gets his last meal at 8pm and is content without me till 8am... During the day, he screams non-stop if I am out of his sight even for a few minutes!!  TY so very much for your time to answer all my concerns and worries!!

Hi Dee,
Pigs can be very complicated pets.  they are a lot like human children.   What works on one pig may not work on another.
It would probably be best if we talked on the phone.
If you send your phone number along I will try to call you tomorrow.
My personal email is

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