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Hi there. I have a piglet that is 10 weeks old.  We keep her in an extra large dog crate.  Inside of it we have a blanket for her to sleep on, a water dish and a litterbox filled with pine shavings.  The litterbox has the side cut out so she can get in easily.

My partner and I both work a lot, so she is in this crate most of the day and at night we let her out to play with us and our small dog.  When she is out she pees and poops everywhere, which wouldn't be as big of a problem if she didn't also poop/pee everywhere in her crate too, including her blankets.

We read to move the litterbox out of her crate because maybe it was too close to her bedding but she continued peeing and pooping in her blankets.  She will even poop in a blanket we've wrapped around her while we hold her.  We clean her bed a couple times a week and her blankets too because they are so gross from her going the bathroom on them... and we spray with water and then an enzyme spray and make sure it's thoroughly cleaned.  We have given her a couple baths (just with water) to clean her up so maybe she will feel like she doesn't want to lay down in a soggy blanket covered in pee and poop too.

We moved her litterbox back into the crate with her as of right now because she would go in it a little bit.  It's in the back righthand corner of her crate. Her water and blankets are at the front and there is room in the back, by her litterbox to walk around.  The box is big enough for her to turn in and we have left some droppings in there so she can smell them.  Also when she pees on the floor, when I wipe it up with toilet paper I drop it in her box and take her from where she went on the floor and to her litterbox and tell her to "potty."

I'm not really sure how to potty train her at this point... I can't find anyone who has asked a similar question about their pigs on any site-- just about how good their pig was at potty training. We have taught her a couple tricks-- to sit and to come up and give us a kiss when we make the kiss sound... but she just doesn't seem to get the potty training.  

I hope this gives you enough information... thanks in advance for your help!

Lets start with what she is eating?
Please send me her diet....what she eats, how much she eats and how often?
Please include a picture of her  and a picture of her housing.
I will get right back to you.
You can send this information to my personal email address at

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