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Pot Bellied Pigs/mini pot belly wont eat


My kids bought me a mini pot belly, the woman that they bought her from says that Sammy is 6 months old...he was a barn pig for that 6 months never let in the house and he was fed feed, the woman assured my children that he would adjust in a couple days...I have had sammy for four days and he is terrified of us...he screams when we go  near him and he wont eat the pig food that I question is will he adjust to living in the house and becoming a pet pig..Im very worried about him.
Thank you

Whether this a piglet will adapt to being indoors at an older age depends on several factors.
The genetics play a big factor as well as it's socialization as a piglet and of course how the situation is handled.
I will suggest that you purchase the Infinity Plus Training Harness/Lease on the product page at  I comes with a link to a Video that will help you get your piglet started properly.
they also have and excellent feed and Vit/Min supplement.

Pot Bellied Pigs

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