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I got two potbellies this past Sunday from a guy that said they mom wouldn't feed the babies. I was told that both were eating from a pan. I pretty well expected them not to want to eat that first night, but am now becoming concerned as it is now Tuesday. The little black one, (Mia) finally began eating yesterday afternoon after much try and trickery...its not a lot at a time but she does eat when i offer it to her. The little white one, Maggie refuses to eat anything. I keep trying but all she seems to do is fight and scream uncontrollably. She will lay on us and snuggle but will not eat. Ive tried just milk, milk mixed with rice cereal on my finger and in pan...bottles, ive even added apple baby food for flavor. She does not look unhealthy or as if shes starving but I am getting extremely worried. I got the black one to eat by mixing milk replacer, rice cereal, and baby food in tiny qualities with the milk being the biggest part ) has to be a little thick or she wont eat it), but its working. The one that doesn't eat honestly has a not so great attitude in general....much louder, and temperamental but I am hopeful that things will turn around. They are 9 days old today. any help would greatly be appreciated.

Thank you so much

Piglets are usually pretty good about eating from a pan, so it's odd that one is refusing. Is that piglet drinking water from a pan? If so, then she can eat from a pan.

Leave the one who is not eating alone in a safe, quiet place with the pan of milk. Goat milk at room temperature is best, but Boost or Ensure or even cows milk will do right now, because the goal is to get piggy eating.

Leave piggy alone and undisturbed for a couple of hours. If piggy gets upset about being left alone, put the other piggy in, too, and a second pan of milk. Hopefully, while piggy is alone, piggy will relax enough to eat.

Is piggy peeing or pooping? If nothing is coming out, there may be a serious internal problem and piggy may need to see the vet. Sometimes animal mothers can know when a baby has a life threatening congenital problem and will reject the baby.

If piggy goes more than three days and is still really not eating or drinking anything, piggy will need to see a vet.

There is a list of vets that see pet pigs at

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