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hello there, i have a 7 month mini pig she is not spayed. she recently got over a bladder infection and was given a 10 day antibiotic treatment. before the uti she was potty trained, and i understand that the uti has set her back and potty training needs to be put back in place,but she is even peeing when confined  in a small space with her litter box? im worried that something is wrong. no new visitors are here. i give her cytra med on top of her food, and sometimes crannberry juice. just to prevent any more uti's. her vagina is not swollen so i dont think she is in heat. what else can be wrong. im getting worried. i dont know if shes peeing because she's mad when shes confined or maybe her litter box is t0 small. i've analyzed everything! thanks

Pigs can be picky about their litter box. They also learn to use a particular spot, not the box itself.

A litter box should be big enough for the pig to turn around comfortably inside. Pigs are not as bendy as dogs and cats, so keep that in mind when picking the size. The box should have one low or open side. Pigs do not like to step up to go potty, because the potty then runs downhill. They like to go to low ground to potty. The floor of the box should be non-slip so piggy can securely assume the necessary position.

Intact female pigs often forget their potty training when they are in heat, and your pig is old enough to be in heat, and she is old enough to be spayed.

Clean the floor in her space with any quality product designed to remove pet odor. If she's going in one particular spot, rearrange the area so the litter box sits in that spot.

Pigs rarely pee because they are "mad". Instead, they will rip up a bed or knock things down. Young pigs can not hold their pee very long, and need to potty every couple of hours. Your pig has had a set back, and probably has to potty often. She also probably doesn't know she has to potty until it's almost too late and she can't hold it any longer.

If the problem continues she may need to see the vet again.

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