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Pot Bellied Pigs/my piggy skin raw


I just bought my wife a micro teacup pig and brought her home and she is itching herself crazy on all the furniture to the point her skin is raw and broken and bleeding in several spots please please help me home remedies or vet?

Your description sounds like a severe case of mange. Mange is pretty common in piglets. Piggy will need to see a vet for a prescription. The medicine is given in separate doses. The first dose kills all living mange mites. The second dose given two weeks later kills any mites that hatched from eggs since the first dose. In severe cases, a third dose may be needed.

Swine mange mites are species specific. They may hop off the pig for a while, but will not live very long away from the pig. There is no danger of these mites infesting rugs or furniture the way fleas do.

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