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I recently took in a potbellied piglet, the previous owner overfed her so she's a bit overweight. She's four to six months old, and she weighs twenty pounds, I have a three month old piglet and he weighs five.
I got her so that my other piglet could have a companion, and they get along great but I couldn't help but notice that they look absolutely nothing alike. She's a lot bigger than he is, and she has NO hair, she doesn't have mites or mange.. she just doesn't have any hair.

Could she be a Yucatan pig crossed with a pot belly? The former owner didn't know a lot about her so I can't ask her, but I also couldn't find any information on the Internet about Yucatan pigs other than the fact that they're basically used for lab research.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The piggy in the picture looks like a reasonable weight. It's possible piggy is a mixed breed, mini pigs, farm hogs and feral swine all happily interbreed. It's also possible that she is just a larger pot-bellied pig. The first pot-bellied pigs brought into the US weighed 200 - 300 lb at maturity.

There's no way to really know what any rescued animal has been through. She may have gone through some sort of experience that caused her to loose most or all of her baby bristles. For example she may have been starved then overfed. Or, she just might be one of those pigs that always has a sparse coat.

Yucatan pigs are used in laboratories. The tiny handful of breeders guard their stock carefully, selling only to licensed labs and usually only spayed/neutered animals. Labs have strict requirements about the genetics of pigs they buy, along with the conditions in which the pigs were born and raised, to eliminate as many random factors as possible. Occasionally, after an experiment is completed, a lab will release the spayed/neutered pigs to a certified sanctuary, but most are slaughtered.

So while your piglet could easily be a mixed breed, I doubt there's Yucatan in the mix. The average farm or breeder is unlikely to have a Yucatan. If by chance someone adopts a former lab animal from a sanctuary, it would be fixed and unable to reproduce. Many breeds of farm hogs have thin coats.  

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