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Pot Bellied Pigs/Sleeping soo deep even when you shake her she doesn't respond


I have a 3week old mini pot belly pig, I've had her for 2 days and  the today the second day she fell asleep on my lap and she felt so limp but was still breathing. I shook her and shook her but she wouldn't come to. I was soo scared I thought she might be dead. I put water on her face and she woke up so I fed her a little milk and bread she acted normal she was walking all around the living room. But everytime she falls asleep she gets like that now. I am soo scared I keep waking her up even though I can see her breathing. She shakes a lot while she sleeps also. Please help I don't know what to do.

Young piglets like yours do sleep very deeply. As long as she is breathing and feels warm to tocuh, she is fine. She has been taken from everyone and everything she's ever known, and suddenly thrown into a strange new place with strange new people. It's a very exhausting experience! As she gets older she will sleep less soundly.  

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