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My piggie is19 mos old and lately all she does is grind her teeth all day. She has been doing it for months. She can't be cutting teeth all this time can she?

Pigs have three sets of teeth in their lives. Their final molars don't come in until Piggy is almost 2 years old. So the short answer is ye, she has been cutting teeth all along.

Pigs grind their teeth for lots of reasons. Sometimes it's anger or fear. Sometimes it's because they smell food, or are hungry, or are just thinking about food. Sometimes they do it because they know it annoys people, other times they do it just because they can.

Sometimes, they grind their teeth because they are in pain, either from teething or from infection or an object stuck in their teeth. When piggy is sleepy and you are cuddling, try getting your finger inside his mouth to feel around for anything that should not be there. Putting a little bit of sugar on your finger first might help, or it might get piggy too excited. Depends on your particular pig. Also look for loose teeth or lumps or swelling.

If you find something that should not be there, like a lump or stuck object that you can't remove, piggy might need to see a vet. There's a list of vets that see pot-bellied pigs at www.farec.org

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