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hi i have some questions on my 6 day old baby pot belly piglet i don't know much about him i just got him yesterday at a stock house but when i did get him the women could only tell me a few things so she could leave to sell the rest but to get to the point i did get to find out that he eats goats milk from a bottle that she gave me for him but i see from on here it had to be in oz's n off the back of the goats milk bags so i got a baby bottle to make sure in his oz's but this is the problem im having he is only eating a oz n a half but he wants to eat every two hours so what i would like to know is that ok will he be fine i would hate for my little boy to have something go wrong with him but so far everything else is going great with bubba he loves to sleep on me, plays with me before he eats bubba just started to use the bathroom today but that seems to be going well for him

Baby piglets need to be kept very warm. Set up an area with a heat lamp, make sure he always feels warm to touch. Goats milk is a good choice, serve it at room temperature or just slightly warm to touch (not hot!).  

Baby pigs eat a little bit but often. As he grows, his tummy will grow and he'll be able to eat more at each meal, and be able to go a little longer in between meals.

When he is about a month old, start putting a few Starter Pellets in his milk. Keep adding more and more pellets until it's the consistency of oatmeal or cream of wheat cereal, then begin reducing the amount of milk until he's eating dry pellets. Take your time. Pigs wean their piglets at about 8 weeks, so the transition from milk to food should take about a month.

I highly recommend the book "Pot-Bellied Pig Behavior and Training" by Priscilla Valentine. The dvds "There's a Pig in the House" and "Amazing Pig Tricks" from are also excellent. Some good websites to visit for information are  

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