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Pot Bellied Pigs/aggressive behavior for my pot belly pig


I have a 6 week old pot belly pig. He is a house pig. He has adapted well and is eating and potty trained.I am the one who feeds and trains him and also cuddles with him. Everytime i enter the kitchen where he is he roots my legs. He is very aggressive when douing this and does it to no one else. He is worse when it is feeding time. Is this a sign of aggression or affection? I dont want to discipline him if this is his way of accepting me as mom. Can you help me, this is the only concern we have with him.

The reason he is rooting your leg is because he was weaned too young.  He still has a need for his mother.  This is unfortunate as he will probably never get stop doing this.
It isn't fair to punish him at this point.  This is something that the natural mother does as she weans them.  They learn from her and the other siblings.
With don't want to be the need to be the alfa leader.
You can take the piglet back to it's mother until it is properly weaned by the sow or you very possibly will have to out up with this behavior for the life of the pig.

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